Are you ready to Improve Performance Without Stress & Overwhelm? 

I support you in experiencing radical transformations in your mind, business, and finances, accelerating you from ordinary to extraordinary.


I have spoken and trained for prestigious brands. I have been also featured on publications like Tedx and Mid-Day.


My journey was one of discovering PASSION; I took several detours & explored numerous before reaching my Destination.


I took the plunge of quitting my corporate job at IBM as a Japanese Linguist without any backup money in my bank account and aimed to become an entrepreneur and started working for myself.

Started my Business

Little did I know that Business is not a easy cakewalk, it is rock and stones and the first 6 months were miserable. I was only living month to month paying my bills, cordinating between people and loosing clients and money in the process.

Marketing Agency Failed

My first attempt was to run an Digital Marketing Agency, and I never saw the red alerts coming. There was so much competition and every corner of the web somone owned a Digital Marketing Agency and this was no-brainer, I failed miserably and had my lession learnt. 

Started Web Designing Agency

Luckily I found Sorav Jain, and started learning from him. I learnt to narrow down and focus on one fish rather than the entire pound, and I choose WordPress - started designing no-code websites for my clients.

Scaled my Agency & Built a Team

I discovered while running the agency that websites are more often one-time projects and that you need continue working IN the business rather than ON it.


My JACKPOT was discovering my passion. I was working for money and not what I loved doing.   My key skill is productivity and high performance, which I discovered while assisting and guiding my team.



I began this business; and put a lot of effort into it and set standards for the team for the first two years. I mentored and guided the team as they grew this business in past one year before transitioning to a new position as a High Performance Coach.


Myself and Sidhant (my husband), are very committed in this initiative. We encourage working professionals to trade in the Indian Stock Market in order to achieve financially independence.

Relationships Productivity  Books Only

My expertise is helping people individually to approach their work and relationships with a different way of thinking, which increases productivity and high performance.

MY  FAILURE & success

Behind the Business.

I have always been an opportunity seeker, and much of my success and brand collaborations are down to keen eye for possibilities. There is a lot of valuable content in this playlist.

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Are you getting married or Just Married?

This book is intended for anyone who wants to learn more about marriage communication. To live a happily ever after, a husband and wife's relationship also needs to be productive.

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Manmeet is a delight to work with. She is very Clear communicating Know-How and emphasizing Key Points, because HOW gives you results. She is very patient and dedicated to her clients, no question is too small for her, instead she figures out how to get to a resolve. Thank you Manmeet!

Carmen Sauciuc
 Transformational Coach

 I was eagerly looking for a place or a person where I can get guidance and direction for my start up. I must say YOU were an answer from universe.😊 Your sessions were very well organised and I got answers for most of my queries. Loved the simulations.  Appreciate your zeal& professionalism. 

Anshita Gupta
Founder Object Spirit 

I feel so emotional while the class was over. Felt like it should never end. The way it is organized and the way every session was conducted, I was literally addicted to it & was always looking forward to next one. The knowledge you shared is so valuable. I feel so honoured and happy to be a part of it.

Umesh Thakker